Sandy at Revielle

May I introduce “Sandy at Reveille.”

Sandy is standing at attention as the American flag is being raised over Luke AFB, AZ — I think I can hear reveille being sounded from here in Pebble Creek, can you?

Sandy is my entry to the Kare Bear bear auction. Sandy has been keeping company with Stella Stamper Bear from last year (you can see her here,) and she was heartbroken when he left this morning. These bears are auctioned off each year at the Kare Bear Annual Appreciation Auction.  My bears from last year are shown with Stella–they were her brother bears and she wasn’t too sorry to see them go because they teased her alot about her hair curlers.  Sandy on the other hand was very enamored with Stella and stood by her side up until this morning when he left for his deployment to the Kare Bear house.