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As I mentioned earlier this month a group of my stampin’ students and I stamped the programs and the favors for the luncheon.

Kare Bear Luncheon 07 Favor

First photo is the favor that everyone had at their place setting. It is a thank you card left blank inside so they can “play it forward.” We had a poem inside the plastic sleeve that Sandy Donovan and I co wrote about Pebble Creek neighbors.

Kare Bear Luncheon 07 Program

Kare Bear Luncheon 07 Bear Dresser ThankyouSecond photo is the program. We did the stamping and mounting of the image on the program, but the scoring and stapling were commercially done, thank goodness.

Third photo is the card that Sandy did for the thank you card for the people who dressed the bears for the auction. You can see my bear for this year at “Sandy at Reveille.” (BTW I named him Sandy because he is dressed in desert camouflage fatigues). You can also read about Sandy and my other bears on Ask Stella page.

Couple of photos are missing–I have to get them posted

– the matching name tags for all the attendees (Grace Cooper)

– the poster publicizing the event (Sandy Donovan)

Lessons Learned:
– it is way good to do things in advance instead of waiting till the last minute as is my normal course of operations. Thank you Sandy for keeping me focused on getting the stuff done ahead of time!

– Pebble Creek stampers are the best! Every time I set up a stampin’ session to work on the 300 cards/300 programs I had a wonderful response. I have a special surprise for those that helped. I’m working out the details….stay tuned for the notice of what I have planned.

– When every thing is color coordinated on the table it makes a powerful presentation. The napkins, table cloth, centerpiece all coordinated with the favors and program

– it is good being a math major when it comes to figuring out the supplies needed for a project like this.

– if you plan in advance you can easily order more supplies and get them in time as the project evolves.

– keep track of who did what and put list where you can find it

– doing this required a lot of time and effort but it was fun and rewarding

Thanks to all those who helped with this project.

If you’d like to read more about Kare Bears here is their web site. My good friend Rayma Scalzo is the founder.

Kare Bears


Sandy at Revielle

May I introduce “Sandy at Reveille.”

Sandy is standing at attention as the American flag is being raised over Luke AFB, AZ — I think I can hear reveille being sounded from here in Pebble Creek, can you?

Sandy is my entry to the Kare Bear bear auction. Sandy has been keeping company with Stella Stamper Bear from last year (you can see her here,) and she was heartbroken when he left this morning. These bears are auctioned off each year at the Kare Bear Annual Appreciation Auction.  My bears from last year are shown with Stella–they were her brother bears and she wasn’t too sorry to see them go because they teased her alot about her hair curlers.  Sandy on the other hand was very enamored with Stella and stood by her side up until this morning when he left for his deployment to the Kare Bear house.

Many thanks to everyone who came and stamped cards for the troops. I brought oodles of card packets left over from my classes over the last couple of years and the volunteers brought tape and stamping enthusiasm. When we were done I had 215 cards to ship to our troops in Iraq, this included many donated cards from personal stashes. These cards will be distributed by a nurse contact I have. The cards are intended for the troops to send to their loved ones at home.


Stella Stamper Bear is one of three bears I dressed for a community silent auction. The Kare Bears is an organization in my development of neighbors helping neighbors ..they have a fund raiser every year by auctioning off bears. Of course I had to have a Stella Stamper bear. Stella has a catalog in her basket along with a selection of cardstock, a stampin spot and a few other essentials! You can’t see them in this photo (Stella is a bit shy) but her panties are stamped with the small stamps from the Stella Stamper Stamp Set by Stampin’ Up!

One of my stamping students, Penny, won Stella in the auction and the next day gave me Stella as a gift….I cried it was so sweet of her.

Stella and Friends

Here is Stella Stamper Bear and her AF Bear Brothers. The two AF bears I did since I’m an AF retiree. The pilot bear has eyelets holding his flight plan together. The Security Policeman bear was the only one I didn’t use some sort of stamps or stamping tools.

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