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It seems I’ve been working on these cute little jars for weeks. First I couldn’t figure out the conversion amount from the recipe…it called for a sleeve of graham crackers and I had bought graham cracker crumbs…thinking that would be faster, silly me.

So then I had to run out and buy some graham crackers in a box to measure how many cups of graham cracker crumbs equal a sleeve of graham crackers and shoot since I was out anyway why not get more snowman…you can never have too many snowman peeps! Then I ran out of the little baking hershey bars and M&Ms so another trip to the grocery for chocolate chips and shoot since I was out anyway, why not buy more snowman peeps as you can never….you’ve got the picture!

I did take a partially finished jar to my downline meeting to show them and tell them that I was still working on their Christmas present! So now if I hurry up I’ll have it done in time for a New Year’s present. At least there is not need for more trips to the store, and since snowman peeps are out of stock (I think I bought the whole stock of snowman peeps in the west valley) I think I should be able to get them done tomorrow.

So watch my blog for the photos. And if you are one of my downline, these little guys may just show up on your doorstep soon.

My original plan was to do enough of these for my downline and then have the extra Mason jars left over to make it again at Easter with bunny peeps and chicken peeps, but will the glut of snowman I purchased I just made them all into Snowman S’mores. BTW I still have a package of snowman peeps left…I think I’ll make up a batch of S’mores for myself as they look yummy.

I’ll have to see if any of my stamping students want to make these for Easter…that would be fun. At least I have the recipe committed to memory after all these snowmen!

——-UPDATE—–31 Dec 07——–

And here they are–I made 12 total and still have one lonely little package of snowman peeps left, along with about 10 pkgs of milk chocolate chips (hey they were on sale!) and cute little Hershey chocolate bars (not on sale but too cute to pass up), plus a box of graham crackers, and about 4 pounds of brown sugar. Can you say Easter Bunny S’Mores? I’m ready, well almost I’ll have to get more graham crackers. I think I’ll wait on those as my pantry shelfs can’t stand any more peep s’more supplies!  Oh golly, I just realized I don’t have any more mason jars.  Shoot I’ll have to make up a shopping list after all.  Hopefully, I’ll restrain myself and get only a reasonable amount of peeps for Easter.

Snowman S’Mores


Not a single stamped was inked in the preparation of this tin album! All the images are from Stampin’ Up! Simply Scrappin’ Kit. One of the nice features of the images is that they are almost cardstock weight so you don’t have to worry about tearing them when you rearrange them on your project…which by the way is easy to do because the adhesive is permanent only after a few hours. So if you are like me and can’t decide what looks good without trying it out…no worries.

I made this album and the next one you’ll see here for my nieces for Christmas. I used the tin as a handy place to put in a Christmas check and then they can use the albums for their photos.

Rachel’s AlbumRachel’s Album Inside FrontRachel’s Album Inside Back

Well this one was crying out for a stamp so I inked up a word stamp for the front cover of this tin album. Although that is only place where ink was involved.

This is from another Simply Scrappin’ Kit. I really love these colors. Both album were fun to make. The only challenging part of the project was getting the accordian folds right sized for the tin. These tins are the same size that Stampin’ Up! Accents & Elements come in. Since I’m still hording my elements tins I was glad with SU offered just the tins for sale.
112410 Tin 3-Pack $9.95
The offer is only good until 31 Dec so I guess I’ll need to buy a few more 3 packs. Since I have the pattern already made for these and a load of Scrappin’ Kits on my shelf that have been calling to me to be made into something…anything!

LauraLaura  Inside BackLaura Inside Front

build_a_flower_closed.jpgBuild a Flower Class with cards open

I’m so excited about my class tonight. We are using the Build a flower kit. Here are the projects: The card with the flowerpot is a popup card. Really fun and easy to make. We are also going to do an altered Tin making a little purse from the tin the Build a Flower comes in. This is a project we did last July at convention. The other ideas are from my friend Cathy, most are slightly altered but CASEd none the less. Sometimes I wonder what I’d do with out my Stampin’ Up buddies for inspiration!

OK I admit it I am a hoarder. I love all the accessories that are in my Stampin’ Up!® catalog but have trouble actually using them, I just don’t want to part with them.

My solution to this dilema is to buy two, one to use and one to hoard!

Horrors – my “one to use” build a brad tin is now empty! I actually shared some of them with my stamp club members on a recent card we did during their club monthly meeting.

The cute little tin that the Build a Brad came in is a perfect fit for 8 chocolate nuggets. Here is my creation:

Build a Brad Tin Recycle

Now my problem is I want to hoard the decorated tin….

Solution…buy more Build a Brads, take picture of this one and for goodness sakes send it to Sister-in-Law as originally planned!

Christmas Tubey Ornaments by Eddie O

This is Eddie’s finished ornament.

Brotherly Support
You haul designer paper scraps in your carry on luggage and then talk your little brother into rolling them into tubes for Christmas ornaments.

Cashew Jar rebornYou guys know me, I have a terrible time throwing anything away. I’ve just gone through a catharsis and got rid of all my Folger plastic cans…so don’t tell me all the wonderful things I could have done with them. However, this candy cane container had a previous life as a cashew bottle. Since my husband loves cashews I’m planning on have a whole matching set!

Since the circumference of the jar is greater that 12 inches I got out my Stampin’ Up!® wrapping paper and covered the label. Then I broke into my stash of chipboard and inked up the star negative image with craft Bashful Blue ink to coordinate with the paper. Finished off with some ribbon cord and a snowflake punch.

This is holding my stash of candy cans for my snowman soup projects. Oh shoot, I haven’t taken a photo of the soup project from my second gifties class. I’m am just having so much fun I don’t know what to do first <chuckle>.

I think that the neatest thing about Stampin’ UP! products is that they coordinate with each other both in color and style. Makes creating neat stuff so much easier.

tubey Christmas Ornament

Have I ever mentioned the quote I saw somewhere: “A hobby is just another from of mental illness”?

I think there may be some validity to that statement…in addition to my recent pine tree obsession I now am on a star search. Not the media version of stars but the paper version.

You see, last year I had a class on making 6 point stars out of the beautiful Stampin’ Up!® Designer paper. After the class was over I just couldn’t bear to throw away the paper scraps so I gathered them all up and rolled them into tight little tubes and put them inside glass ball Christmas ornaments. Tonight as I was reading my email there was a discussion on the group I belong to about making the stars. That lead me to Julie Buhler’s web site where she had a tutorial on making the stars. I decided it would be nice to post my paper tubey Christmas ornaments here…so at 9:15PM I’m climbing around in my closet looking for my ornaments. I thought they were in my box of “anything but a card” but oh woe is me…I actually put them away with the other Christmas ornaments. Since I need a bigger ladder to get to the shelf with the Christmas ornaments…I devised an alternative plan.

I still have loads of little triangle scraps left from the stars we made last year…they are on a low shelf, I found some left over glass ornaments in my “anything but a card” box…so I think, shoot I’ll just roll a bunch of these little scraps and make an ornament tonight to post on my blog. So in between typing this I’m rolling little paper tubes! I picked the smallest glass ball I had so there is still some sort of rational thought going on in my brain. Then tomorrow I’ll post photos of last years stars, so if you weren’t part of the star making class last year you can see them.

Who knows this may be a new Christmas decorating tradition with me…make stars from the latest holiday designer paper, roll a bunch of little tubes for the Christmas ornaments and then have a Stampin’ Up! Christmas tree.

Stand by while I roll more little tubes.

Update. Didn’t take all that long so here you have it…one more Christmas ornament done and the only injury was a paper cut!

Sandy at Revielle

May I introduce “Sandy at Reveille.”

Sandy is standing at attention as the American flag is being raised over Luke AFB, AZ — I think I can hear reveille being sounded from here in Pebble Creek, can you?

Sandy is my entry to the Kare Bear bear auction. Sandy has been keeping company with Stella Stamper Bear from last year (you can see her here,) and she was heartbroken when he left this morning. These bears are auctioned off each year at the Kare Bear Annual Appreciation Auction.  My bears from last year are shown with Stella–they were her brother bears and she wasn’t too sorry to see them go because they teased her alot about her hair curlers.  Sandy on the other hand was very enamored with Stella and stood by her side up until this morning when he left for his deployment to the Kare Bear house.

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