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This card was inspired by a store bought card that one of my students had gotten.  His card had four pinwheels arranged in a square.  I didn’t want to mess with making tiny pinwheels so I did these that are 1 3/4 squares.  It was fun making them, good way to use up all those thin strips of cardstock I just can’t seem to throw away..

I’m have a “Check Six” Stamp-a-Stack of 6 cards in August.  You can check out my class schedule here:

This is one of the cards I was playing around trying to decide and cards to suit the all masculine theme for the Stamp-a-Stack

BD Pinwheels

BD Pinwheels


I’m back. My computer Spring Cleaning is still a work in progress but I’ve cleaned out enough room for at least one picture scan.

These are samples for my Sticky Letter Class coming up. Recipe will be added after I finish getting ready for my class.

My poor Mac is bulging at the seams. Everytime I try to upload some photos it give me error messages that my hard drive is full…I guess sometimes you can have “too many” pictures of cards saved. So before I can post anything to my blog I have to delete stuff.

Deleteing isn’t what takes the time it is deciding what I can live without. Tonight I just decided to take a keychain disk drive and download as many card photos as possible from my desk top and put them on my laptop until I can weed though them. So I’m still making space—sigh.

I did finish my serendipity squares and made a card with them. Cross your fingers and click your ruby slippers together 3 times and repeat after me….yes Mac you do have room for a few more photos! Hopefully, by tomorrow I’ll have them on the blog.

I used earth tones, cooper and turquoise and stamped them with some Arizona type images…I like how they turned out.

The last Tuesday and Thursday of each month I hold a class that focuses on a technique/tool.

January: All about Chalk

  • We did 4 cards using various techinques using chalk, and everyone who attended went home with a chalk tip sheet that will keep them busy using chalks for months!

February: My Brayer, My Friend

  • I have a 3 page handout for students enrolled in this class of all sorts of things you can do with a brayer. I haven’t sorted out the projects we are doing yet but I plan to have the students do at least 4 and I’ll show them another 4. Then the homework will be to try out some of the other brayer techniques on my handout.

March: Rub on Everything

  • I’ve got rub-ons! and we will be doing all sorts of projects using them. In the class I’ll show you the easiest way to use this little sticky guys, and give you some tips on the proper storage and handling of them

April: Sticky Letters

  • When we are done, they won’ t be sticky! They will be glittery and beaded.

build_a_flower_closed.jpgBuild a Flower Class with cards open

I’m so excited about my class tonight. We are using the Build a flower kit. Here are the projects: The card with the flowerpot is a popup card. Really fun and easy to make. We are also going to do an altered Tin making a little purse from the tin the Build a Flower comes in. This is a project we did last July at convention. The other ideas are from my friend Cathy, most are slightly altered but CASEd none the less. Sometimes I wonder what I’d do with out my Stampin’ Up buddies for inspiration!

tubey Christmas Ornament

Have I ever mentioned the quote I saw somewhere: “A hobby is just another from of mental illness”?

I think there may be some validity to that statement…in addition to my recent pine tree obsession I now am on a star search. Not the media version of stars but the paper version.

You see, last year I had a class on making 6 point stars out of the beautiful Stampin’ Up!® Designer paper. After the class was over I just couldn’t bear to throw away the paper scraps so I gathered them all up and rolled them into tight little tubes and put them inside glass ball Christmas ornaments. Tonight as I was reading my email there was a discussion on the group I belong to about making the stars. That lead me to Julie Buhler’s web site where she had a tutorial on making the stars. I decided it would be nice to post my paper tubey Christmas ornaments here…so at 9:15PM I’m climbing around in my closet looking for my ornaments. I thought they were in my box of “anything but a card” but oh woe is me…I actually put them away with the other Christmas ornaments. Since I need a bigger ladder to get to the shelf with the Christmas ornaments…I devised an alternative plan.

I still have loads of little triangle scraps left from the stars we made last year…they are on a low shelf, I found some left over glass ornaments in my “anything but a card” box…so I think, shoot I’ll just roll a bunch of these little scraps and make an ornament tonight to post on my blog. So in between typing this I’m rolling little paper tubes! I picked the smallest glass ball I had so there is still some sort of rational thought going on in my brain. Then tomorrow I’ll post photos of last years stars, so if you weren’t part of the star making class last year you can see them.

Who knows this may be a new Christmas decorating tradition with me…make stars from the latest holiday designer paper, roll a bunch of little tubes for the Christmas ornaments and then have a Stampin’ Up! Christmas tree.

Stand by while I roll more little tubes.

Update. Didn’t take all that long so here you have it…one more Christmas ornament done and the only injury was a paper cut!

Viola Wine Topper

This was what I made for my 3 dimensional swap for the Stampin’ Up convention in July 2007. Since this is a scan you’ll have to use your imagination on how it looks on a wine bottle. I did it as part of my gifties class last week. I think it would be really a fun way to present a wine bottle as a hostess gift when you are invited out to dinner. If you’d like to see the details of what I used to make this click on the photo and then next page will have them.

I got the idea of a paper wine topper from a magazine. I immediately thought of the little chef in the Viola Stamp Set as the perfect way to convert the topper pattern into something stamped.

Today when I was checking out the Stampin’ Up! demo web site I saw a very similar version of my wine topper on the Showcase Gallery. I wonder if the person who did it got the idea from my swap. I’d like to think so since I’ve gotten so many good ideas from the people I swapped with.

Fast & Fun Hedgehog

While I was getting over my pine tree fiasco today I found this really cute card by Michele Boyer, so I decided to try out her technique of using mini glue dots to pop out his ear and the butterfly…the dreaded glue dots….(my students will know what I mean). This is my version of her card.

Gifties One

These are the projects for my Gifties class this week. I’m still cutting stuff out for the class tonight and haven’t even figured out yet the cost of supplies…but my faithful students signed up for the class anyway….bless ’em. Does “behind the power curve” describe my life or what! But I have my priorities, Mom and I had to get our hair done yesterday!

Hand Cream with snake skin topper

Christmas Cracker

Gum Holder Snowman

Check Holder

Last year for Halloween I was really into poop….pumpkin poop that is. Although this year I haven’t done any pumpkin poop projects, I just couldn’t resist and today while I was out shopping I bought some pumpkin poop (AKA cheezos). Hopefully, in the next few days I’ll have some made up so I can distribute them around my neighborhood. So if you are reading this and live nearby don’t be shocked to have some poop tied to your door knob one of these nights.

To hold you until the poop project gets underway here is a card we did at my class on 9 & 11 Oct.

Spooky Skyline Sponged

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