Stella Stamper Bear is one of three bears I dressed for a community silent auction. The Kare Bears is an organization in my development of neighbors helping neighbors ..they have a fund raiser every year by auctioning off bears. Of course I had to have a Stella Stamper bear. Stella has a catalog in her basket along with a selection of cardstock, a stampin spot and a few other essentials! You can’t see them in this photo (Stella is a bit shy) but her panties are stamped with the small stamps from the Stella Stamper Stamp Set by Stampin’ Up!

One of my stamping students, Penny, won Stella in the auction and the next day gave me Stella as a gift….I cried it was so sweet of her.

Stella and Friends

Here is Stella Stamper Bear and her AF Bear Brothers. The two AF bears I did since I’m an AF retiree. The pilot bear has eyelets holding his flight plan together. The Security Policeman bear was the only one I didn’t use some sort of stamps or stamping tools.