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As I mentioned earlier this month a group of my stampin’ students and I stamped the programs and the favors for the luncheon.

Kare Bear Luncheon 07 Favor

First photo is the favor that everyone had at their place setting. It is a thank you card left blank inside so they can “play it forward.” We had a poem inside the plastic sleeve that Sandy Donovan and I co wrote about Pebble Creek neighbors.

Kare Bear Luncheon 07 Program

Kare Bear Luncheon 07 Bear Dresser ThankyouSecond photo is the program. We did the stamping and mounting of the image on the program, but the scoring and stapling were commercially done, thank goodness.

Third photo is the card that Sandy did for the thank you card for the people who dressed the bears for the auction. You can see my bear for this year at “Sandy at Reveille.” (BTW I named him Sandy because he is dressed in desert camouflage fatigues). You can also read about Sandy and my other bears on Ask Stella page.

Couple of photos are missing–I have to get them posted

– the matching name tags for all the attendees (Grace Cooper)

– the poster publicizing the event (Sandy Donovan)

Lessons Learned:
– it is way good to do things in advance instead of waiting till the last minute as is my normal course of operations. Thank you Sandy for keeping me focused on getting the stuff done ahead of time!

– Pebble Creek stampers are the best! Every time I set up a stampin’ session to work on the 300 cards/300 programs I had a wonderful response. I have a special surprise for those that helped. I’m working out the details….stay tuned for the notice of what I have planned.

– When every thing is color coordinated on the table it makes a powerful presentation. The napkins, table cloth, centerpiece all coordinated with the favors and program

– it is good being a math major when it comes to figuring out the supplies needed for a project like this.

– if you plan in advance you can easily order more supplies and get them in time as the project evolves.

– keep track of who did what and put list where you can find it

– doing this required a lot of time and effort but it was fun and rewarding

Thanks to all those who helped with this project.

If you’d like to read more about Kare Bears here is their web site. My good friend Rayma Scalzo is the founder.

Kare Bears


Christmas Tubey Ornaments by Eddie O

This is Eddie’s finished ornament.

Holiday Promo

Stampin’ Up! has a wonderful special while quantites last: Wrapping up the Holidays

You can see complete details by clicking on: Learn More

This will give you a flyer with all the information about discounts on the various items. You can buy whichever ones you choose. I’ll have some great projects designed for you. Call or email me with your order.

(623) 203-4489

Brotherly Support
You haul designer paper scraps in your carry on luggage and then talk your little brother into rolling them into tubes for Christmas ornaments.

Cashew Jar rebornYou guys know me, I have a terrible time throwing anything away. I’ve just gone through a catharsis and got rid of all my Folger plastic cans…so don’t tell me all the wonderful things I could have done with them. However, this candy cane container had a previous life as a cashew bottle. Since my husband loves cashews I’m planning on have a whole matching set!

Since the circumference of the jar is greater that 12 inches I got out my Stampin’ Up!® wrapping paper and covered the label. Then I broke into my stash of chipboard and inked up the star negative image with craft Bashful Blue ink to coordinate with the paper. Finished off with some ribbon cord and a snowflake punch.

This is holding my stash of candy cans for my snowman soup projects. Oh shoot, I haven’t taken a photo of the soup project from my second gifties class. I’m am just having so much fun I don’t know what to do first <chuckle>.

I think that the neatest thing about Stampin’ UP! products is that they coordinate with each other both in color and style. Makes creating neat stuff so much easier.

ScarecrowsOk so no stamps were inked in the process of this project. But if you look closely you will see that the little boy and girl scarecrow are sitting on a Stampin’ Up! Box that has been wrapped with the SU brown packing paper. I think that counts as a stampin’ project! This is part of the treasure that I got on Saturday from Hobby Lobby. I thought I’d let them sit outside my house for a week or so before I pack them away for next year.

As an added benefit I rescued all my favorite rocks that MDH had in a pile and was ready to trash. Yes, I collect rocks from all the places I’ve been stationed in my 30 years AF life and other places I’ve traveled– most of them are now part of the waterfall we have on the back patio, but some of them were here and there in the yard. For heaven’s sake you can’t get rid of a rock from the excavation of Crazy Horse monument! It has wonderful memories of my cross country Permanent Change of Station (PCS) road trip from HI to RI in 1993. The movers over the years got a chuckle out of packing up my rocks whenever we had a PCS.

Today, my Mom and I met up with my friend Laura…it was supposed to be to give Laura the Scor-Pal I got for her with our group buy. She was cooling her jets at the Toyota dealer while her car was in for a warranty check. It just so happens that the Toyota dealer is across the road from our newest Hobby Lobby…so like lemmings we headed over there. Oh my…they were have a sale (80%) off Fall decorations and OBTW Christmas stuff was 50% off too. We loaded up one cart and one basket with loot. It sort of reminded me of those shows that you see where shoppers are given so many minutes to load their carts with everything they can grab.

I got:

glass ornaments for making more of my tubey ornaments,

candle holders to stamp and etch on glass,

very sweet little jars that I’m going to fill with reindeer noses

little old fashioned miniature candy jar that I don’t know what I’ll put in it but was the perfect size for etching the images from Merry and Bright Stamp Set (see page 15)

lots of Fall stuff that I now need to find a place to store until next year

candles to stamp on

More google eyes and red pom poms…you can never have too many of those!

Christmas ornaments that I thought would be fun to attach to the paper star I made (as it tuned out the proportion of the ornament was a tad too large and didn’t look right with the star. I may take the ornaments apart and use some of the smaller beads for the stars.

So with this trip and others that I’ve made in recent weeks, I now have a stockpile of stuff for projects that will probably keep me occupied for the next few months. Watch my blog for the transformation of these items into stamped treasures.

I’ve had quite a wonderful day today.

First I got my surpise stamp set in the mail from Shelli, Co Founder of SU. It is wonderful I can hardly wait to cut it out an play. Will post samples soon.

Second I got a delivery of Scor-Pals. I had used it at a couple of my classes and also at my downline meeting and several people wanted them so we did a group buy. So now we can go and make tons of wonderful boxes and other crazy fold stuff.

Third I got my December Stampin’ Success Magazine. Always a reason to drop everything and page through all the wonderful ideas.

Fourth on the SU demo web site they posted the Spring Summer Preview Mini catalog. Wow…new papers are my favorite.

Fifth I got my first issue of Card magazine today, which I got at a reduced rate since I’m a SU demo. I haven’t even had time to look at that yet.

Sixth my Mom and I took a ride to pick up a letter from her doctor for her flight at Thanksgiving and we saw a tree full of buzzards along with a bunch more circling on the thermals above the tree.

Oh my goodness…no wonder I can never get to my bookkeeping!

After I gave away the first star I made using this pattern I just had to make another one. I’m taking it to my Pebble Creek Posse meeting tonight to show them how to do it. It is so much fun

.Star 2

Please check back for the story of the three horses…Here are the photos while you wait.Tale of Three Horses

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