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Holiday Extravaganza Sale
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As I mentioned earlier this month a group of my stampin’ students and I stamped the programs and the favors for the luncheon.

Kare Bear Luncheon 07 Favor

First photo is the favor that everyone had at their place setting. It is a thank you card left blank inside so they can “play it forward.” We had a poem inside the plastic sleeve that Sandy Donovan and I co wrote about Pebble Creek neighbors.

Kare Bear Luncheon 07 Program

Kare Bear Luncheon 07 Bear Dresser ThankyouSecond photo is the program. We did the stamping and mounting of the image on the program, but the scoring and stapling were commercially done, thank goodness.

Third photo is the card that Sandy did for the thank you card for the people who dressed the bears for the auction. You can see my bear for this year at “Sandy at Reveille.” (BTW I named him Sandy because he is dressed in desert camouflage fatigues). You can also read about Sandy and my other bears on Ask Stella page.

Couple of photos are missing–I have to get them posted

– the matching name tags for all the attendees (Grace Cooper)

– the poster publicizing the event (Sandy Donovan)

Lessons Learned:
– it is way good to do things in advance instead of waiting till the last minute as is my normal course of operations. Thank you Sandy for keeping me focused on getting the stuff done ahead of time!

– Pebble Creek stampers are the best! Every time I set up a stampin’ session to work on the 300 cards/300 programs I had a wonderful response. I have a special surprise for those that helped. I’m working out the details….stay tuned for the notice of what I have planned.

– When every thing is color coordinated on the table it makes a powerful presentation. The napkins, table cloth, centerpiece all coordinated with the favors and program

– it is good being a math major when it comes to figuring out the supplies needed for a project like this.

– if you plan in advance you can easily order more supplies and get them in time as the project evolves.

– keep track of who did what and put list where you can find it

– doing this required a lot of time and effort but it was fun and rewarding

Thanks to all those who helped with this project.

If you’d like to read more about Kare Bears here is their web site. My good friend Rayma Scalzo is the founder.

Kare Bears

Your cat’s favorite place to nap is a Stampin’ Up! box.
You know you are a Stampin’ Up! Demo when:

Scalloped Turkey

One of my fellow SUDSOLer, Carol Taggart posted this scalloped turkey the other day on our demo web site. I just love him to pieces. He does have that deer in the headlights look though…wonder if he knows he is on the menu?

The gobble stamp is from the pictograms stamp set…this was the first stamp set I ordered from the Fall/Winter catalog…as it was my absolute favorite of all the new stamp sets…doesn’t take much to get me excited about stamps! There is so much stuff in our Stampin’ Up! catalog it seems like every time I open the book there is something there I hadn’t noticed. These pocket notes are hidden away on page 169. Comes with the cutest envelops.

Its not too soon to be thinking about making your valentine creations….give me a call/email and we can schedule a workshop to use these and other little note cards that are particularly fun for Valentines day.

Have you ever wondered how I come up with all these cards and projects we do every week? As most of you know I like to have everything organized…I’m not saying that I stay organized its just that I feel more productive when everything is in a nice neat package. Well it turns out that creating is not a neat process.

I thought that I’d share with you my “saga of a pine tree card” to illustrate how this card develops.

Step 1: I read an email from a group of online demonstrators I belong to “SUDSOL.” In the email one of the demonstrators related about how she had a Christmas Stamp a Stack: “Last year, everyone’s absolutely favorite card was so easy, but looked incredible. It was just the evergreen from Lovely as a Tree. I used confetti white card stock, and we colored on the stamp with watercolor crayons (Night of Navy), spritzed with water, and stamped until it was dry. We stamped
“Peace” (I think) on the bottom in silver and layered to Night of Navy and Bashful Blue card stock. That’s it. They’re still talking about it.”

Step 2: That’s enough, she’s got me, I’ve got to try this! I go to my stampin’ closet get out my stamps and crayons and paper. Let’s see pine tree stamp is x by x cut Confetti paper slightly bigger than the stamp…oh oh that doesn’t am I going to get more than one tree on there. Cut more paper. Shoot while I’m cutting paper might as well cut up about several pieces for the top layer that way I can experiment.

Step 3.0: Color stamp with Night of Navy crayon, spritz and stamp and stamp again and again. Yech, looks blotchy. Get another piece of paper.

Step 3.1: Color stamp with Night of Navy crayon, spritz only this time do 2 squirts intstead of 3 and stamp and stamp again and again. Not so blotchy this time but not something that really that screams Wow.

Repeat step 3 several more times. By now I have navy blue trees stamped on both sides of all the confetti card stock I’ve cut out.

Step 4: Mess around with various colors of paper for the matting and card. Pull out silver, bashful blue, night of navy–decided that the new Basic Grey might look good…get some of that from my stash. Decide on paper.

Step 5.o: Mat the the best of the samples on night of navy cardstock and then finish off the card with more matting and stamping a greeting from “Hugs and Wishes”

Step 5.1:  Darn I used night of navy craft ink for Warm Wishes and smeared it…get eraser out and try to clean it up…doesn’t look too bad.

Step 5.2:  Stamp Warm Wishes in Basic Grey on other “good” sample

Step 6: I figure I’m doing something wrong here. Although both of the versions I are OK, I’m not really excited about them. So I upload the photos to SUDSOL and ask for some help.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Pine Tree Saga as my SUDSOL sisters look at my samples and give me some advice.

So here are the two samples I posted on SUDSOL:

Try 1 Try 2

Pumpkin PoopMy friend Susie and I played this afternoon with my stamps. We made about 30 little pumpkin poop packages. She is going to take some home with her to Sacramento and present them to some friends that will probably think she has lost her mind! I’m going to take the rest and run around like a little goblin attaching them to doorknobs! You can click on the photo and see a copy of the poem on the reverse side of the poop packet and also the recipe for the project.


Stampers Ten Club Projects 9 & 11 Oct. Each month I have a free class for my Stampers’ Club members. I usually do a technique demonstration and then they stamp two make and take projects. This was one of the cards we made at the 9 & 11 Oct meeting.

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