My poor Mac is bulging at the seams. Everytime I try to upload some photos it give me error messages that my hard drive is full…I guess sometimes you can have “too many” pictures of cards saved. So before I can post anything to my blog I have to delete stuff.

Deleteing isn’t what takes the time it is deciding what I can live without. Tonight I just decided to take a keychain disk drive and download as many card photos as possible from my desk top and put them on my laptop until I can weed though them. So I’m still making space—sigh.

I did finish my serendipity squares and made a card with them. Cross your fingers and click your ruby slippers together 3 times and repeat after me….yes Mac you do have room for a few more photos! Hopefully, by tomorrow I’ll have them on the blog.

I used earth tones, cooper and turquoise and stamped them with some Arizona type images…I like how they turned out.