Technique: frosted filter. CASEd from Ericka

Find a nice flat glass/china plate, the Styrofoam ones don’t work too well but will do in a pinch. Pick out 2-3 coordinating colors of reinkers. For this card I used: more mustard, always artichoke and chocolate chip.
Let the reinker drip some nice delicate little drops around the plate. You don’t want big puddles just little drops. Then take a spritz bottle (one with a fine spray works best) and spritz the plate. The colors will start to spread, when it looks like a peacocks tail stop spritzing. You don’t want too much water or the colors will all run together and look muddy.

Then take a wadded up coffee filter and lay it on the plate pressing it into the color…you’ll get inky! You can then dry the filter with a heat gun or just let it air dry.

Mount it on a piece of cardstock and use it as a background or focal point on your project.