It seems I’ve been working on these cute little jars for weeks. First I couldn’t figure out the conversion amount from the recipe…it called for a sleeve of graham crackers and I had bought graham cracker crumbs…thinking that would be faster, silly me.

So then I had to run out and buy some graham crackers in a box to measure how many cups of graham cracker crumbs equal a sleeve of graham crackers and shoot since I was out anyway why not get more snowman…you can never have too many snowman peeps! Then I ran out of the little baking hershey bars and M&Ms so another trip to the grocery for chocolate chips and shoot since I was out anyway, why not buy more snowman peeps as you can never….you’ve got the picture!

I did take a partially finished jar to my downline meeting to show them and tell them that I was still working on their Christmas present! So now if I hurry up I’ll have it done in time for a New Year’s present. At least there is not need for more trips to the store, and since snowman peeps are out of stock (I think I bought the whole stock of snowman peeps in the west valley) I think I should be able to get them done tomorrow.

So watch my blog for the photos. And if you are one of my downline, these little guys may just show up on your doorstep soon.

My original plan was to do enough of these for my downline and then have the extra Mason jars left over to make it again at Easter with bunny peeps and chicken peeps, but will the glut of snowman I purchased I just made them all into Snowman S’mores. BTW I still have a package of snowman peeps left…I think I’ll make up a batch of S’mores for myself as they look yummy.

I’ll have to see if any of my stamping students want to make these for Easter…that would be fun. At least I have the recipe committed to memory after all these snowmen!

——-UPDATE—–31 Dec 07——–

And here they are–I made 12 total and still have one lonely little package of snowman peeps left, along with about 10 pkgs of milk chocolate chips (hey they were on sale!) and cute little Hershey chocolate bars (not on sale but too cute to pass up), plus a box of graham crackers, and about 4 pounds of brown sugar. Can you say Easter Bunny S’Mores? I’m ready, well almost I’ll have to get more graham crackers. I think I’ll wait on those as my pantry shelfs can’t stand any more peep s’more supplies!  Oh golly, I just realized I don’t have any more mason jars.  Shoot I’ll have to make up a shopping list after all.  Hopefully, I’ll restrain myself and get only a reasonable amount of peeps for Easter.

Snowman S’Mores