ScarecrowsOk so no stamps were inked in the process of this project. But if you look closely you will see that the little boy and girl scarecrow are sitting on a Stampin’ Up! Box that has been wrapped with the SU brown packing paper. I think that counts as a stampin’ project! This is part of the treasure that I got on Saturday from Hobby Lobby. I thought I’d let them sit outside my house for a week or so before I pack them away for next year.

As an added benefit I rescued all my favorite rocks that MDH had in a pile and was ready to trash. Yes, I collect rocks from all the places I’ve been stationed in my 30 years AF life and other places I’ve traveled– most of them are now part of the waterfall we have on the back patio, but some of them were here and there in the yard. For heaven’s sake you can’t get rid of a rock from the excavation of Crazy Horse monument! It has wonderful memories of my cross country Permanent Change of Station (PCS) road trip from HI to RI in 1993. The movers over the years got a chuckle out of packing up my rocks whenever we had a PCS.