tubey Christmas Ornament

Have I ever mentioned the quote I saw somewhere: “A hobby is just another from of mental illness”?

I think there may be some validity to that statement…in addition to my recent pine tree obsession I now am on a star search. Not the media version of stars but the paper version.

You see, last year I had a class on making 6 point stars out of the beautiful Stampin’ Up!® Designer paper. After the class was over I just couldn’t bear to throw away the paper scraps so I gathered them all up and rolled them into tight little tubes and put them inside glass ball Christmas ornaments. Tonight as I was reading my email there was a discussion on the group I belong to about making the stars. That lead me to Julie Buhler’s web site where she had a tutorial on making the stars. I decided it would be nice to post my paper tubey Christmas ornaments here…so at 9:15PM I’m climbing around in my closet looking for my ornaments. I thought they were in my box of “anything but a card” but oh woe is me…I actually put them away with the other Christmas ornaments. Since I need a bigger ladder to get to the shelf with the Christmas ornaments…I devised an alternative plan.

I still have loads of little triangle scraps left from the stars we made last year…they are on a low shelf, I found some left over glass ornaments in my “anything but a card” box…so I think, shoot I’ll just roll a bunch of these little scraps and make an ornament tonight to post on my blog. So in between typing this I’m rolling little paper tubes! I picked the smallest glass ball I had so there is still some sort of rational thought going on in my brain. Then tomorrow I’ll post photos of last years stars, so if you weren’t part of the star making class last year you can see them.

Who knows this may be a new Christmas decorating tradition with me…make stars from the latest holiday designer paper, roll a bunch of little tubes for the Christmas ornaments and then have a Stampin’ Up! Christmas tree.

Stand by while I roll more little tubes.

Update. Didn’t take all that long so here you have it…one more Christmas ornament done and the only injury was a paper cut!