Have you ever wondered how I come up with all these cards and projects we do every week? As most of you know I like to have everything organized…I’m not saying that I stay organized its just that I feel more productive when everything is in a nice neat package. Well it turns out that creating is not a neat process.

I thought that I’d share with you my “saga of a pine tree card” to illustrate how this card develops.

Step 1: I read an email from a group of online demonstrators I belong to “SUDSOL.” In the email one of the demonstrators related about how she had a Christmas Stamp a Stack: “Last year, everyone’s absolutely favorite card was so easy, but looked incredible. It was just the evergreen from Lovely as a Tree. I used confetti white card stock, and we colored on the stamp with watercolor crayons (Night of Navy), spritzed with water, and stamped until it was dry. We stamped
“Peace” (I think) on the bottom in silver and layered to Night of Navy and Bashful Blue card stock. That’s it. They’re still talking about it.”

Step 2: That’s enough, she’s got me, I’ve got to try this! I go to my stampin’ closet get out my stamps and crayons and paper. Let’s see pine tree stamp is x by x cut Confetti paper slightly bigger than the stamp…oh oh that doesn’t work..how am I going to get more than one tree on there. Cut more paper. Shoot while I’m cutting paper might as well cut up about several pieces for the top layer that way I can experiment.

Step 3.0: Color stamp with Night of Navy crayon, spritz and stamp and stamp again and again. Yech, looks blotchy. Get another piece of paper.

Step 3.1: Color stamp with Night of Navy crayon, spritz only this time do 2 squirts intstead of 3 and stamp and stamp again and again. Not so blotchy this time but not something that really that screams Wow.

Repeat step 3 several more times. By now I have navy blue trees stamped on both sides of all the confetti card stock I’ve cut out.

Step 4: Mess around with various colors of paper for the matting and card. Pull out silver, bashful blue, night of navy–decided that the new Basic Grey might look good…get some of that from my stash. Decide on paper.

Step 5.o: Mat the the best of the samples on night of navy cardstock and then finish off the card with more matting and stamping a greeting from “Hugs and Wishes”

Step 5.1:  Darn I used night of navy craft ink for Warm Wishes and smeared it…get eraser out and try to clean it up…doesn’t look too bad.

Step 5.2:  Stamp Warm Wishes in Basic Grey on other “good” sample

Step 6: I figure I’m doing something wrong here. Although both of the versions I are OK, I’m not really excited about them. So I upload the photos to SUDSOL and ask for some help.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Pine Tree Saga as my SUDSOL sisters look at my samples and give me some advice.

So here are the two samples I posted on SUDSOL:

Try 1 Try 2